Activities on a Cruise Ship

Although the idea of boredom may occur to some when thinking of a cruise ship holiday, this is definitely not the case onboard a modern day cruise liner. For travellers of all ages and all tastes, there is something to get stuck into every day.

Although some people may have the impression that a cruise liner contains just a deck, basic shops, restaurants and bedrooms, they are mistaken. Cruise liner companies strive to put on high-class entertainment and activities for the whole family to enjoy over a sustained period of time.


Swimming pools are a regular feature on board, with slides, diving boards, and even wave machines incorporated into some. Organised fun and games in the pool, such as volleyball tournaments, are an entertaining activity to both participate in and observe. Large decks, Jacuzzis, and outdoor bars provide a perfect communal area to relax in and top up the tan if sunny.  

Furthermore, some advanced ships may have remarkable activities on the outdoor terraces. Popular outdoor games include ping pong and mini golf, with some terraces even including basketball courts, tennis courts, and rock climbing facilities. This is a great way to release some adrenalin or keep the kids entertained in a safe environment.




Indoors, the opportunities for things to do are potentially limitless. Traditional activities such as bingo, card games and pub quizzes are a permanent fixture of many cruise holidays and especially fashionable with older travellers. Entertainment on stage from singers, bands, comedians, and dance groups are also very popular for the majority of holidaymakers.

Fitness enthusiasts scared they may be unable to keep up with a healthy routine are also mistaken; gyms, saunas, spas, and fitness classes are common on the majority of modern day cruise liners.

Shops on board will usually be duty free and can help save money on a wide range of goods. Casinos are another hallmark of many cruise ships, usually located near the bottom of the deck, although they will be open for over 18s only.


In case you are scared of missing out on the massive amounts of events taking place whilst on the cruise, a daily bulletin is a feature of the majority of cruise liners. They will be inside your room when you arrive, or be delivered as necessary, to inform of the day’s activities and start time for stage shows, competitions, etc.

General information about the cruise will be present inside your room and around the ship also, with opening times for the on-board restaurants, shops, and bars. More importantly, instructions about the ship’s itinerary, such as scheduled ports of call times and debarkation regulations, also provide reassurance over where you need to be and when.

Overall, cruise ships are such exciting and attractive places to spend a holiday, many people wish they could stay on-board for longer. They provide the opportunity to take part in activities they wouldn’t be able to otherwise, along with the chance to chill out and relax with like-minded people in pleasant surroundings.

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