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Who We Are:


Founder Dr. Jessie Voigts is a mom who loves sharing the world with her daughter. She has a PhD in International Education, and is constantly looking for ways to increase intercultural understanding, especially with kids (it’s never too young to start!). She has lived and worked in Japan and London, and traveled around the world. Jessie is the publisher of Wandering Educators, a travel library for people curious about the world. She founded the Family Travel Bloggers Association, and the Youth Travel Blogging Mentorship Program. She’s published two books about travel and intercultural learning, with a third on the way. You can usually find her family by water – anywhere in the world.


Founder Ed Forteau

Senior Editor Jordan Oram, Press and Social Media, is a man of many jobs and experiences: writer, photographer, editor, adventurer (to name a few). Since 2012 he has been living out of his backpack and travelling around North America on his personal quest to encourage awesomeness. You can find him across the social media spectrum as the Maplemusketeer, and find more about him at www.maplemusketeer.com

Editor Kerry Dexter: Colors of sunrise in the Western Isles,  watching evening fall at the foot of Ben Nevis,  feeling the hand of history face to face with the Lewis Chessmen at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, the quiet streets walking home after a late night singing session in Glasgow: these are a few of the things which form Kerry Dexter’s connections with Scotland. She is a writer, editor, and educator with academic and professional background in arts, humanities, and history.

Her work includes stories and photography which have appeared in National Geographic Traveler, Strings, Symphony, and Perceptive Travel, and at her own site Music Road.  She is music editor for Wandering Educators,  has been contributing editor  at CMT/ SonicNet/MTV, and  at Barnes & Noble Music online. She was  a long time contributing writer at the legendary folk and world music magazine Dirty Linen and has written articles for the Encyclopedia of Ireland the Americas, the Dictionary of American History, the MusicHound Guide to World Music, and other reference works.


Editor Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley is a British American writer and travel photographer that spent much of her youth in the South of France. Passionate about global citizenship and travel, she writes about travel with the UK, Europe, and Asia and hopes to inspire others to follow in her footsteps. A fan of gastronomy, she enjoys promoting small family run businesses and establishments that use organic produce to create unique meals to be remembered. One day she hopes to live in a castle somewhere in the Highlands.  You can find her online at http://www.sattvicfamily.net