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I recently found, via KILTR, the most beautiful scarves. Made in Scotland (naturally), and whimsical - perfect! I got in touch with the designer, Aymee Charlton, to find out her backstory and share her beautiful work (more than scarves!). Here's what she had to say...


scarf from Fashion Designer Aymee Charlton


I am born and bred in Aberdeen. I've always had a passion for Art and Design from a young age. I studied Art Design at Gray's School of Art and graduated in 2012 with a BA(hons) Fashion Design. Since then been doing a Graduate Residency at Gray's, working with the Lecturers and Students, and also creating my own new collections in my allocated studio space at Gray's. I like to take inspiration from my surroundings, and my most recent work is inspired by Aberdeen and the architecture within it. Although I specialise in fashion design, I like to dabble in some textile processes, such as printing fabrics.


 from Fashion Designer Aymee Charlton


I create womenswear pieces that are comfortable, yet feminine. I like to add cute little details to my work, as I think what you wear should be fun and an enjoyable experience!


 from Fashion Designer Aymee Charlton


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